18 October 2018 from 16:00 to 17:00

Debye Annual Lecture by prof. dr. Monika Ritsch-Marte

Synthetic Holography Trapping and Imaging: The Importance of Shaping Your Wavefront

Debye Annual Lecture 2018, Monika Ritsch-Marte
Prof. dr. Monika Ritsch-Marte

Prof. dr. Monika Ritsch-Marte will give this year's Debye Annual Lecture. The lecture Synthetic Holography Trapping and Imaging: The Importance of Shaping Your Wavefront takes place on Thursday October 18, 2018. 

Monika Ritsch‐Marte received her M.Sc. in Physics from the University of Innsbruck and her PhD in Quantum Optics from the Waikato University in New Zealand. After several postdoc projects and after completing her habilitation at the Institute of Theoretical Physics in Innsbruck, she accepted the Chair of Biomedical Physics at the Medical University in Innsbruck in 1998 where she founded a Biomedical Optics group. Her current research interests include holographic optical tweezers, digital holographic microscopy and linear and non‐linear Raman microscopy.

Abstract of the lecture

Wavefront shaping with spatial light modulators (SLMs) has become a powerful tool in Biophotonics. “Holographic optical tweezers” are a well-known and widespread tool. But an SLM can also be integrated into optical imaging systems, making the microscope programmable and customizable with respect to a given sample.  A particular strength of the Synthetic Holography approach with programmable phase masks is the possibility to multiplex, packing several things into one hologram. One can, for instance, take microscopic images that contain sub-images belonging to different imaging modalities, to different depths inside the sample, to different parameter settings, or to combine holographic imaging with trapping.

Debye Annal Lecture 2018

Debye Annual Lecture

The Debye Lecture is a special annual event at which an internationally renowned scientist delivers a keynote lecture on one of the fields of interest of the Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science.

Start date and time
18 October 2018 16:00
End date and time
18 October 2018 17:00
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Free of charge.