Symposium: Water Cultures

De weg op een dijk door het IJsselmeer. Foto: Denny Muller, via Unsplash

Environmental Humanities, Critical Pathways (Pathways to Sustainability) and the Centre for Water Cultures (University of Hull) invite you to the Water Cultures: Living with Risk in Coastal, Estuarine and Oceanic Environments symposium.

Water as a cultural medium

The Water Cultures symposium approaches water as a cultural medium, exploring how coastal, estuarine and oceanic cultures worldwide mediate the relationship between humanity and bodies of water. It intends to create a space for scholars and practitioners to share ideas, and explore questions that centre on water cultures as a source of knowledge.

With presentations by Marjolijn Bol, Alex Oude Elferink, Susanne Ferwerda, Flora Roberts, Joep Schenk and Mia You (Utrecht University), and Ed Brookes, Briony McDonagh, Stewart Mottram, Kate Smith and Hannah Worthen (University of Hull).

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Drift 21, Sweelinckzaal (0.05)

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