9 June 2017 from 13:00 to 18:00

Symposium: The potential of Virtual Reality for eating behavior research and behavior change

Recent technological developments render Virtual Reality (VR) a promising tool for scientific and commercial eating behavior research and for behavior change in consumers and eating disorder patients. VR allows collecting data or delivering interventions in a tightly controlled yet realistic environment, at relatively low cost and with a high degree of flexibility.

As part of the NWO funded project ‘VIRTUE’, we developed the NeuroShop, a fMRI-compatible virtual supermarket to test the effectiveness and neural underpinnings of healthy eating interventions. We organize a closing symposium which brings together speakers from academia, commercial research institutes and an eating disorder clinic. Presentations will cover the application of virtual supermarkets to study the factors influencing food choices and the brain mechanisms underlying these choices. Commercial applications of VR in product and packaging research are shown. Furthermore, the use of VR in academic research on cue reward learning, and eating disorder symptom assessment and treatment will be covered. During the breaks, there is the opportunity to experience VR yourself by participating in demonstrations. There will be a demonstration of the NeuroShop. Human Concern will let people experience the world through the eyes of an anorexia patient. VR-dining will demonstrate how VR can affect our sensory experiences during consumption.
For more information, please see below or visit www.nutritionalneuroscience.eu

Organisation: Nynke van der Laan & Paul Smeets

Target audience: Scientists, delegates from industry and behavior change organizations, as well as anyone with a general interest in the application of VR in this field.

13:00-13:10  Opening
13:10-13:40  Nynke van der Laan, University Medical Center Utrecht - Summary of VIRTUE project: Introducing the NeuroShop: a realistic fMRI-compatible VIRTUal food choice Environment to test the effectiveness and neural underpinnings of healthy eating interventions.
13:40-14:10  Anouk Keizer, Utrecht University - The role of Virtual Reality in assessment and treatment of body image disturbances in Anorexia Nervosa.
14:10-14:30  Stichting Human Concern – Recovered eating disorder therapist about experiencing an eating disorder by virtual reality.

14:30-15:00  Coffee and demonstrations

15:00 -15:30  Erica van Herpen, Wageningen University and Research - Using a virtual supermarket to simulate consumer behaviour and bring realism into the lab: Validation and behavioral results.
15:30-15:50  Karolien van den Akker, Maastricht University – Contextual appetitive conditioning in Virtual Reality.
15:50-16:10  Jos van den Puttelaar, Wageningen Economic Research – VR supermarket consumer research: a minimal viable product approach.
16:10-......... Network drinks and demonstrations

Start date and time
9 June 2017 13:00
End date and time
9 June 2017 18:00
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€ 12.50, students pay € 10 and should mention this with registration
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