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Symposium 'Food Shortage & Food Waste'

According to the United Nations, roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year — approximately 1.3 billion tonnes — gets lost or wasted, whereas millions of people face food shortages in many parts of the world. How can science contribute to challenges of this magnitude?

Future Food Utrecht will held the symposium 'Food Shortage & Food Waste' on 3 November 2017, and gladly invites you to participate. Several internationally renowned speakers from the Netherlands and abroad will share their visions on how science can tackle some of today’s global food challenges regarding food waste and food shortage. Please take a moment and register to attend, as there is only a limited number of places available.

Utrecht University has a broad range of high quality scientists that perform food-related research. Future Food Utrecht brings together these scientists from very diverse backgrounds to integrate scientific knowledge and develop new interdisciplinary research lines. We aim to ultimately create innovative food-related solutions that will contribute to solve many of the food-related challenges that we are facing today. It is therefore important to develop, in collaboration with external partners, a food research community.


09:00  Registration  

09:30  Welcome, by the Board Future Food Utrecht, Utrecht University  

09:35  Opening, by Prof. dr. Piet Hoekstra 
(Dean Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University)  

09:45  'Building together a Healthier Future'
by Dr. Katrien van Laere – Nutricia Research  

10.10  'Is the current focus of food waste justified?'
by Dr. Peter Alexander – University of Edinburgh 

10:50 ‘Food shortages as distribution issues: learning from history’
by Dr. Jessica Dijkman – Utrecht University 

11.15  Coffee & tea break  

11:35  'Microbial agriculture: the sustainable promise for future food security'
by Prof. dr. ir. Corné Pieterse - Utrecht University 

12:00 'The global challenge of reducing the water footprint of food'  
by Prof. dr. Arjen Hoekstra – Twente University 

12:40  Lunch  

13.30  'Does Waste Law Hamper the Circular Use of Nutrients?'
by Prof. dr. Chris Backes LLM - Utrecht University  

13:55  'Food waste, symptom or opportunity to build a better circular food system?'
by Ir. Toine Timmermans – Wageningen University 

14.35  Coffee & tea break  

14:55  'How to deal ethically and sustainable with ‘unwanted’ animals in specialized animal production systems?'
by Prof.dr. Mirjam Nielen - Utrecht University 

15:20  Discussion led by Dr. Herman Lelieveldt - Utrecht University 

16:10  Closing  

16:20  Networking and drinks  

17:30  End of symposium  


Participation in the event is free, however the organisers kindly ask you to register without much delay, as the number of places is limited and the catering needs to be arranged timely.

We encourage participants to use public transport (plan your journey at 9292ov) as parking lots in the Uithof are available but space may be limited.

For information about the event contact the organisation:

Ms. Marja van der Linden, (+31 302532632) or Ms. Maria Jose Rojo Martinez, (+31 30 253 46 45).

We are looking forward to meeting you at the symposium!

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