29 October 2015 from 12:00 to 17:00

Symposium ‘Educating Interdisciplinarians’


On 29 October an international symposium will be held at Utrecht University on the pedagogy of interdisciplinary studies and the impact on students.

Interdisciplinary studies are on the rise in the Netherlands. As a result of the establishment of university colleges and broad bachelor programmes across the country, many students today enter master’s programmes and the labour market with a new set of skills: an integrative attitude, the capacity to think critically, a sense of societal responsibility, and personal leadership. The symposium ‘Educating Interdisciplinarians’ zooms in on the content as well as the intended learning outcomes of interdisciplinary bachelor programmes.

Speakers working in the context of such programmes reflect on how the programmes may reach their goals. What do broad bachelor programmes look like? What kinds of students do the programmes deliver? How do interdisciplinarians define and address today’s challenges after graduation? What kind of persons have they become?

The symposium closes with a lecture by Dr Ria van der Lecq, founder of Utrecht University’s successful Dutch-language Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) programme (Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies).


Download abstracts (pdf)

Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching Provision: Findings from a UK Study
Prof. Catherine Lyall (University of Edinburgh)


  • Dion Hartmann (LAS alumnus)
  • Dr Maud Radstake (director Studium Generale, Utrecht University)


Unravelling Interdisciplinary Thinking
Linda de Greef, MSc (Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Amsterdam)


  • Dr Gerdien Steenbeek (Cultural Anthropology and LAS, Utrecht University)
  • Alette Baartmans (LAS alumnus)

coffee / tea break

Raising Global Consciousness: Interdisciplinary Learning and the Development of the Empathic Student
Prof. Tami S. Carmichael (The University of North Dakota)


  • Lotte Lijnzaad, MA (LAS alumnus)
  • Prof. Rob van der Vaart (former dean of University College Utrecht)

General discussion


The Bigger Picture: Reflections On Reflections
Dr Ria van der Lecq (Utrecht University)

Location: De Eetkamer, University Library City Centre, Drift 27, Utrecht
Please join us as we say goodbye to Ria van der Lecq and wish her good luck on her new endeavours!

Start date and time
29 October 2015 12:00
End date and time
29 October 2015 17:00
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