16 May 2018 from 10:00 to 17:30

Symposium and farewell address Sonja de Leeuw

Prof. dr. Sonja de Leeuw
Prof. Sonja de Leeuw

The symposium is held on the occasion of the Farewell Lecture by Prof. Sonja de Leeuw, Professor of Dutch Television History in the European Context at Utrecht University, driving force behind the EUscreen projects and pioneer in the field of digital audiovisual heritage in Europe.

Audiovisual heritage

During the past decade, a massive body of European audiovisual heritage has become accessible online: on websites of archives, or through initiatives such as EUscreen.eu and Europeana.eu. Once online, audiovisual heritage circulates in diverse ways: users watch, share, like, or dislike it; they comment, appropriate, and download videos for remix and recirculation. It thus becomes part of the popular consumption of history, potentially creating new interpretations of heritage materials, challenging authorised perspectives.

Heritage Studies have acknowledged how digital media transform the preservation and circulation of heritage. Heritage institutions perceive the consequences of the recent technological transformations of the sector as a major challenge and opportunity. The presentations will adress urgent question of theory and practice of audiovisual historiography in the 21st century.

Farewell Speech

At 16.15 hr Prof. Sonja de Leeuw will deliver her Farewell Speech in the Lecture Hall of the Academy Building, Domplein 29, Utrecht.



Start date and time
16 May 2018 10:00
End date and time
16 May 2018 17:30
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Entrance and lunch are free