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SusTasty Food Festival 2018

SusTasty is back!

SusTasty Food Festival

Replenish your energy this September with a week of sustainable food, facts and fun in the city centre courtyard. Green Office Utrecht is bringing you local food trucks full of vegan treats and sustainable surprises, as well as workshops, games, music and nourishing chats.

We'll have green-friendly street food galore: grab a hot dog from Brazilian vegan radicals Punk Dog; enjoy one of Tante Tofu's plant-based burgers or kebabs; try something new with a cricket burger from Burgs Foods; sample vegan sushi from Eethuis Honkies; or have a wholesome lunch that helps fight food waste and hunger with Soupalicious. Sweet tooth? Indulge in vegan baking from Zoete Koek and pastries from Zus & Zo; marvel at how Churros4All can create such delicious churros with no gluten, milk, sugar or egg; and if the sun's out (fingers crossed) enjoy organic ice cream from De Ijsfiets.

Learn more about the impact your food choices can have with the Big Impact Game, make your own smoothie with the Green Office Utrecht Blender Bike, and enjoy the atmosphere with comfy spaces to relax, reflect and make new connections.



Monday 17th: Soupalicious, Aziatisch EetHuis Honkies, Punk Dog,
V-Catering, Churros4All, Eko Foekje, Local2Local, Zus & Zo

12:30-13:30 Imagining the Future of Food | SusTasty Brainstorming Workshop

Tuesday 18th: Aziatisch EetHuis Honkies, Eko Foekje, Punk Dog, V-Catering, Churros4All, Ijsfiets, Vanderbron Coffee, Local2Local

Wednesday 19th: Vandebron Coffee, Tante Tofu, Soupalicious, Punk Dog, V-Catering, AJ Bakery, Churros4All, Ijsfiets, Local2Local, Zus & Zo

Sustainability serenades from Sam Rodrigues

12:30-13:30 Vegan Baking: Plum Tart | SusTasty Food Workshop

Thursday 20th: Punk Dog, Burgs Food, Vanderbron Coffee, Tante Tofu, V-Catering, Ijsfiets, Zoete Koeke, Churros4All, Local2Local

Friday 21st: Burgs Food, Punk Dog, V-Catering, Zoete Koeke, Churros4All

12:30-13:30 Crickets: the Future of Protein | SusTasty Lunch Lecture

Games running every day: 
Sustainability Quizz
Blender Bike 
Vegetable Game
Coffee Game
Mini Ping Pong Table

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UB Binnenstad
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