From 19 September 2019 09:30 to 20 December 2019 17:00

Supervising Research of MSc students - FULLY BOOKED

Course description

In a nutshell, the course aims to expand the repertoire of supervisors of MSc students, enabling them to offer supervision more efficiently and effectively. This involves enabling their MSc students to work towards the goals of their research project in a targeted way, taking into account the limited time available for supervision as well as the rules, regulations and guidelines of the Graduate School of Life Sciences (GS-LS). Other important goals are that supervisors gain insights in their own style and possibilities, and those of their MSc students. We offer didactical tools and guidelines for implementing personal supervision strategies, like giving effective feedback, differentiating supervision to meet MSc student needs, and for dealing with frequently occurring problems such as motivating students, dealing with delay and so on. Besides our expertise derived from empirical research, we use “good practices” and participants’ own experiences as a main resource. At the end of the course participants are able to apply effective supervising strategies in various circumstances and use their time efficiently. 

This course is aimed at supervisors of MSc students of the GS-LS. Some experience with supervising MSc students is required, in order to be able to reflect on your own supervising behavior during the course.

Learning objectives

The program covers a range of (basic) subjects. The level of detail will partly depend on the needs of participants, which is based on a strengths-weaknesses analysis conducted in advance. The definitive program will be compiled before the start of the course.

Instructional method

This five-session course will focus on placing supervisors' experience from their own day-to-day practice in the context of theory, and exploring its implications. The day-to-day practice of supervisors will be used as a basis of the course to ensure that supervisors will get most out of it. The following assignments provide an idea of how this works:

  • Discussing supervision styles and possibilities with peers 
  • Conducting a strengths/weaknesses analysis of both supervisor and MSc students
  • Talking about mutual expectations with your MSc students
  • Assessing progress of your MSc students on both product and process level
  • Analyzing challenging situations of supervisors
  • Exploring ways how to deal with difficult situations that regularly occur (including role-play)
  • Formulating, implementing, and evaluating plans how to optimize your supervision practice
  • Developing a supervision plan (how to work towards specific learning objectives in a targeted way)

You will prepare assignments in advance and receive written or oral feedback during the course from the trainer. 

Course trainers

Dr. Jessica Hegeman, Educational Consultancy & Teacher Development (O&T), Utrecht University. 
Course meeting ‘intercultural communication’: Janneke Dubbelboer (Janneke Dubbelboer Communicatie). 

Max. number of participants


Number of credits

1.2 EC

Course schedule

Day Date Start End
Thu 19-Sept-2019 9.30 12.30
Fri 18-Oct-2019 9.30 13.30
Fri 15-Nov-2019 9.30 12.30
Fri 29-Nov-2019 9.30 13.30
Fri 20-Dec-2019 13.30 16.30

Course certificate

You will receive a certificate for this course when you attend at least 4 out of 5 course sessions.

Course fee

Course fee internal PhD candidates: €0.
Course fee academic staff UU/UMC: €1200.
Course fee external participants (if space permits): €1950.

‘Internal PhD candidates’ include:

  • PhD candidates registered to the Graduate School of Life Sciences of Utrecht University via Hora Est/MyPhD

‘Academic staff UU/UMC’ include:

  • PhD candidates of Utrecht University, not registered to the Graduate School of Life Sciences via Hora Est/MyPhD; 
  • Postdocs employed by the Utrecht University or UMC Utrecht;
  • Other academic staff employed at the UU/UMC

‘External participants' include:

  • all other participants


You may cancel your application free of charge up to four weeks before the start of the course. If you cancel your application within four weeks before the start or if you do not meet the attendance requirements of the course, you(r department/research group) will be charged a no-show fee (€600 for this course). Unfortunately we cannot make any exceptions to this policy.

Start date and time
19 September 2019 09:30
End date and time
20 December 2019 17:00
Entrance fee
Course fee internal PhD candidates: €0. Course fee academic staff UU/UMC: €1200. Course fee external participants (if space permits): €1950.
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