Studium Generale – How to get justice for war crimes?


The International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague has issued a warrant for Putin's arrest. A vast amount of evidence, such as videos secretly recorded by citizens, has allowed the court to act faster than ever. But the chances of him going to trial are small. What is the point of bringing autocratic leaders like Putin to justice? Do war crime trials help a country move forward or frustrate peace efforts?

When the ICC was established, expectations were high. With an international independent court, political leaders would be more hesitant to go to war, knowing they could be held accountable for their actions. But reality shows otherwise. Historian Dr Iva Vukušić (UU) talks about the power of criminal courts and tribunals in addressing international injustice. Political anthropologist Dr Ewa Strzelecka (VU) takes us to Yemen. The UN called the war that has been raging there for eight years the greatest humanitarian disaster of our time. Why has no one been convicted for it yet? How do you get justice in a "forgotten war"?

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