Stress management

This course is organized by Prout in cooperation with the Graduate School of Natural Sciences.

Short description

Most PhD candidates experience stress at some time point during their PhD. This is fine as long as it is temporary. For some PhD candidates however, the amount of stress is overwhelming and long lasting. If this is your case, this workshop may be of help.

What you will learn

During this one-day workshop you will build on your mental resilience by reflecting on your own behaviour and looking at your strengths.

  • You will learn how to set boundaries and to manage expectations from yourself and others.
  • You will get insights in the role you play yourself in feeling stressed and how you can change that to feel more at ease.
  • We will work on how to deal with negative thoughts, worries and feelings of inadequacy.

The workshop is a mixture of creative and practical exercises and several reflective exercises where you have to go beyond the simple cognitive answers by digging into your personal feelings. Feeling stressed sometimes is unavoidable, but you can avoid being overthrown by it!

Trainer: Louise Mennen, PhD (Mennen Training & Consultancy)
Max. number of participants 12
Number of credits 0.3 EC
Course Fee: €200.


  • 14 March 9:30-17:00
  • 10 April 9:30-17:00
  • 15 May 9:30-17:00


'I learned how to observe myself, to step back and to recognize stress. I feel more confident to set my boundaries and I took steps to change situations.'

'It was a good refresh of the knowledge I had previously and it was good to talk about this issue with other PhD candidates and the trainer. I think the raised awareness and attention to the personal needs are very beneficial for me.'

'I got some tools to clarify why I have stress and how it is influencing me. I hope that with accepting the stress and feeling better about my own capacities I can relieve some of the stress.'

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