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Co-Creation Community Learning Spaces:

'Learning activities in the Future Learning Spaces: the good, the bad and the best practice.

Date: Thursday 6 April 12.00 – 13.30 pm.

Location: Teaching & Learning Lab: Buijs Ballotgebouw ruimte 3.22.

As a follow-up to our CCC-LS session of last December and at the request of some participants, the session of April 6 is dedicated to 'learning activities in the Future Learning Spaces'.

Teachers who participated in the study "Knowledge development and teacher professionalisation in Future Learning Spaces” recommended sharing experiences and lesson plans of the Learning Spaces as 'good practice' for other teachers. According to these teachers, it is also very valuable to design learning activities in the FLS together with colleagues and then reflect on it.

Program of the meeting

During the meeting on April 6, these two recommendations will be combined.
Teachers and students kick off by sharing their experiences and perspectives about learning activities in the FLS; which learning activities have they used or experienced, did they like it or would they rather see differently next time?

We then discuss together which interactive and activating learning activities are suitable for the various Learning Spaces. In this way, we will expand the list of learning activities even further and provide good input for the learning activities database of the Teaching & Learning Collection! A good win-win situation! 

Do you want to join in? Please sign up via fls@uu.nl Sandwiches will be arranged for lunch during the meeting.

Start date and time
End date and time
Buijs Ballotgebouw room 3.22