26 March 2019 from 12:00 to 13:30

The first Gender and Diversity Hub lunch conversation

Speaking gender and diversity across the disciplines: how not to get lost in translation?

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The Gender and Diversity Hub is setting up a series of monthly lunch conversations around issues of gender equality and diversity. The first meeting, titled ‘Speaking gender and diversity across the disciplines: how not to get lost in translation?', will take place on 26 March. 

The aim of the lunch conversations is to provide researchers at Utrecht University with an interdisciplinary platform to learn from each other, exchange, share and test ideas together and gain insights into other disciplines’ research themes and methods. The lunchtime conversations will also be an opportunity for the Hub’s research community to get together, meet and network. The Hub would like to make these conversations as participative as possible and therefore invites all interested researchers with expertise and/or an interest in diversity and gender equality issues to contribute, as a speaker or a discussant.

Speaking gender and diversity across the disciplines: how not to get lost in translation?

The idea is to establish a common ground, shared vocabularies and mutual understanding in our interdisciplinary exchanges of ideas about gender and diversity issues. Because interdisciplinary work can be challenging and entail misunderstandings and qui pro quo, we aim to establish, through this first lunch conversation, a point of reference to facilitate our future exchanges. This conversation will host three speakers who will tackle three central
concepts of gender and diversity research: ‘vulnerability’, transformative equality’ and ‘identity’/’stereotyping’.

About the Gender and Diversity Hub

The main aim of the Gender and Diversity Hub is to serve as a platform for stakeholders to (1) access the multidisciplinary expertise of UU scholars in gender, diversity and processes of in- and exclusion, and (2) to join forces with societal partners in solving complex gender and diversity issues and develop strategies for the implementation of diversity in order to achieve societal inclusion and change.

The Hub is chaired by Prof. Rosemarie Buikema (Humanities), Prof. Belle Derks (Social Sciences) and Prof. Linda Senden (Law), and coordinated by Dr Francesca Manzi (Social Sciences), Rosa Wevers (Humanities) and Raphaële Xenidis (Law). For more information, please visit the Gender and Diversity Hub’s website.

Start date and time
26 March 2019 12:00
End date and time
26 March 2019 13:30
Entrance fee
Free entrance