5 April 2019 from 09:00 to 17:30

Sociolinguistics Circle 2019

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On Friday 5 April the Sociolinguistics Circle 2019 takes place in Utrecht. 

The Sociolinguistics Circle consists of a group of sociolinguists representing most – if not all – universities in the Netherlands and Flanders. Its main objective is to organize an annual one-day conference that aims at bringing together students and researchers of language variation, sociolinguistics and social dynamics of language with a connection to the Low Countries. Particular emphasis is put on participation by students and other young researchers: the conference is open to researchers of all levels.

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More information is available here. The conference programme is available here

Start date and time
5 April 2019 09:00
End date and time
5 April 2019 17:30
Entrance fee
Free entrance