22 November 2019 from 12:00 to 13:00

Societal Discussion #1: The Ontology of Complexity and Implications for Practice

Speaker Overview:

Dr Jean Boulton studied theoretical physics at both Oxford and Cambridge Universities. She was the lead author of Embracing Complexity (OUP:2015). She is a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield and Bath universities. Her work centres on complexity theory, its positioning with philosophical and scientific traditions and its import for practice in a world of increasing inequality and environmental crisis.


Complexity theory provides  a  postmodern scientific worldview which emphasises limits to knowledge and emphasises patterning, emergence and the processual nature of ‘the way things work’. Dr Jean Boulton will explore this complexity ontology, in the tradition of Prigogine, and will then illustrate how she uses these concepts to support leaders, policy makers and practitioners to work in a complex and uncertain world.

Location: Centre for Complex Systems Studies, room 4.16, Minnaert Building, Leuvenlaan 4, De Uithof, Utrecht

Entrance and lunch are provided free of charge.

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Start date and time
22 November 2019 12:00
End date and time
22 November 2019 13:00