21 June 2018 from 18:00 to 20:00

Singapore - Pre-departure meeting with alumni

Singapore Alumni Event 2017

UU is getting togethether in Singapore on 21 June. An opportunity for graduates to meet each other and a brand new generation of UU students from South East Asia who are about to move to Utrecht and start their studies at UU. 

We are happy to invite all UU alumni in Singapore for this event. After informal presentations for the students, we continue with drinks. The perfect occasion for you to meet other UU alumni in Singapore, reminisce about your days in Utrecht and help future students. At the same time, students can get to know each other and meet with alumni from Utrecht University. 

Programme full evening
17:00 Pre-departure presentation at Dutch Embassy (for student and select group of alumni)
- 18:00 Drinks at OverEasy (for students and all alumni)

Start date and time
21 June 2018 18:00
End date and time
21 June 2018 20:00