SIG Interdisciplinarity and Community Engaged Learning: Dealing with uncertainty as a teacher


How does your role as a teacher change in inter- or transdisciplinary teaching? And how do you deal with the uncertainty involved in these forms of teaching? On 11 June, the Special Interest Group (SIG) Interdisciplinarity and Community Engaged Learning will join forces to exchange mutual experiences. 

New roles in preparation and implementation

During the SIG, we will address the tasks and roles of the teacher in the different phases of inter- and transdisciplinary teaching, from preparation to implementation and evaluation. Where does uncertainty come into play and why? Consider, for example, 'recruiting' students or community partners for your course in preparation, or being less focused on 'sending' knowledge during the course as in other courses. In addition, interdisciplinary or community engaged courses sometimes also evoke uncertainty in students: how can you as an instructor create an environment in which they can deal with that uncertainty?

Personal experiences

During the SIG, two examples of courses will be discussed: what does the role of the lecturer in these courses look like? Roos de Jonge (UMCU) and Gerard van der Ree (UCU) will talk about their experiences and share their perspective on uncertainty as a lecturer in education. Roos will talk about the course 'Complex Social Issues'. This is an interdisciplinary course around social problems and healthcare, organised from UMCU, GW and HKU. Gerard will talk about the course 'Creating Societal Impact: Interdisciplinary cooperation and contributing to public value'. This is a course in which students from REBO and UCU collaborate with each other in an interdisciplinary way on societal issues (e.g. social inequality), creating the products with or for external stakeholders. Besides these examples, there is plenty of room for participants to ask questions and contribute their own challenges and successes.

Practical information

All UU employees with an interest in these topics are cordially invited to join the SIG meeting. Please sign up using the form below. The meeting includes lunch.

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Bucheliuszaal (6.18) in the University Library USP