Sharing Days: What we knew back then: the history of the climate crisis

Omslag boek Wat we toen al wisten
Cover book 'Wat we toen al wisten'

Talk by winner of the Flemish Literature Prize 2023, Geert Buelens

Demonstrations against plastic use. Panic over dramatically declining biodiversity. Concern over the viability of the oceans. Unrest over climate change. Today? No, in 1972. The environmental crisis is older than many people think, and the scientific and political battle over it is equally so. "The planet is going!" cried prophets of doom at the time. No, lulled progress believers: science and technology will save us.

In this lecture, we dive into the history of the climate crisis with professor and writer Geert Buelens. Using films, television series, novels, comics, news reports and official reports from the year 1972, Buelens will show what we knew then about living out the world, what we learnt from it too - and what not.

The talk will be in Dutch.

Geert Buelens

Portretfoto van Geert Buelens
Geert Buelens - foto Ivar Pel

Geert Buelens (1971) is a Flemish poet, essayist, columnist and a professor of Modern Dutch Literature at Utrecht University and a visiting professor of Dutch Literature at Stellenbosch University (South Africa). His research focuses on interactions between literature and society and is mainly about how writers and other artists deal with moments of crisis.

More info about his book Wat we toen al wisten. De vergeten groene geschiedenis van 1972.

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