Sharing Days: masterclass Biodiversity (in Dutch) – Prof. Hens Runhaar & Prof. Merel Soons


Please note: this event will be held in Dutch.

In this master class, Prof Runhaar and Prof Soons share their knowledge on biodiversity: what is it, how does it work and how do we manage it? After this masterclass, you will be able to explain to your environment exactly what biodiversity is and why it is important. We look at what the problems are in the Netherlands but, fortunately, also at possible solutions.  

Merel Soons gives insight into ecological processes and principles of biodiversity that are important for nature. Hens Runhaar discusses the opportunities and obstacles in policy and steering for biodiversity restoration in the Netherlands, especially with regard to agriculture.

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Universiteitsbibliotheek USP Bucheliuszaal, Heidelberglaan 3, 3584 CS Utrecht
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