26 September 2018 from 20:00 to 21:30

SG lecture: Empathy in the brain

Foto: David-W- / photocase.com

In a world with many different individuals, empathy is often seen as the key to understand each other and cooperate. Neuroscientist prof dr Christian Keysers (Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience) studies what makes us social. He found out how our ability to empathise is logged in our brain. Crucial in this process are mirror neurons. Keysers discovered that certain neurons in the brain not only get active when you experience something yourself, but also when you see or hear someone else experiencing something. What does this say about human nature? And what role does empathy play in our society?

Dit is de vierde lezing in de voor de rest Nederlandse serie '17 miljoen mensen', waarin acht experts vertellen over de verhouding tussen individu en collectief in de 21ste eeuw. 


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26 September 2018 20:00
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26 September 2018 21:30
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