Seminar with Vanessa Agnew: 'Reenacting genocide'

Rwandese genocide ©

In the Transnational Memory seminar of 8 October, Vanessa Agnew (University of Duisburg) will speak about the reenactment of genocidal acts committed in various historical contexts: the Ottoman Empire, Germany, Rwanda and Indonesia. By interrogating comparative genocide studies, she enquires into the promises and limits of reenactment as a form of memory work.

The talk will be followed by a response by Dr Judith Keilbach (Department of Media and Culture Studies).

Vanessa Agnew

Vanessa Agnew has published widely in relation to music, colonialism, and re-enactment as a mnemonic practice. Her publications include Enlightenment Orpheus: The Power of Music in Other Worlds (Oxford UP, 2008) and Settler and Creole Reenactment (edited with J. Lamb, Palgrave 2010).

Judith Keilbach is Assistant Professor of Television Studies in the Department of Media and Culture Studies of Utrecht University. She is the author of Geschichtsbilder und Zeitzeugen (LIT, 2008) and co-editor of Grundlagentexte zur Fernsehwissenschaft (UTB, 2002), Die Gegenwart der Vergangeheit (Vorwerk 2003), Fasten Your Seatbelt! (LIT, 2009) and of the academic journal Montage AV. Her research interests include the transformation of television, television history and theory, the relation of media technology and historiography, archives, animals, aerial images, media events, and re-enactment.

This event is supported by the Utrecht University research focus area Cultures, Citizenship, and Human Rights.



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