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Seminar on scientific integrity in qualitative research

Scientific integrity or the commitment of researchers to adhere to the basic rules of good scientific practice is a much discussed topic nowadays. Especially in the case of qualitative research, where there is a lack of standardized measures to ensure the quality of the methods, scientific integrity is a fuzzy concept and a big concern. To add on to this, increasing demands to publish or perish compel researchers to produce strong, concrete, evidence-based contributions (Jones, 2013) at an alarmingly fast pace. Other factors like financial constraints, competition etc. also might tempt scientists to achieve success swiftly through the use of unfair research practices (Salathé, 2008). This is an alarming trait since good science is supposed to be credible, authentic, trustworthy and ethical.

The seminar on scientific integrity in qualitative research includes two sessions: A talk session where invited speakers give short presentations about their work (followed by discussions) and a poster session.

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Utrecht University
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Dr. Lakshmi B. Nair