14 March 2018 from 15:00 to 17:00

Seminar: mega-cities and comparative constitutionalism: Ran Hirschl (University of Toronto)

De stad Utrecht met veel fietsers op straat

Ran Hirschl, professor of political science and law at the University of Toronto is giving a seminar in Utrecht on the power of the mega-city.

Professor Hirschl will a talk for about 45-50 minutes on his forthcoming book on comparative constitutionalism and mega-cities, followed by a 30-45 minute discussion, and bites and drinks.

Politics, mega-cities and constitutional status

The book itself will only be out in early 2019, but the envisioned focus at this seminar will be on several elements of it, namely: the widening gap between urbanisation trends and constitutional silence on cities in general and mega-cities in particular; attempts to challenge that situation through constitutional litigation (e.g. sanctuary cities in the US and elsewhere); and innovative constitutional thought in the global south concerning mega-cities' constitutional status, with examples from China, Korea, Vietnam but also Russia, Japan, India, Mexico, Brazil and elsewhere.

Granting mega-cities additional powers

Throughout the discussion, Ran Hirschl will emphasise the political perimeters of constitutional innovation and stagnation in that area, mainly the state's structural reluctance to grant mega-cities additional powers, as well as the mega-city problem as a proxy for thinking about broader demographic and spatial challenges to contemporary constitutional thought.

This seminar is organised on behalf of Prof. dr. Henk Kummeling and his colleagues from Institutions for Open Societies.

Start date and time
14 March 2018 15:00
End date and time
14 March 2018 17:00