14 February 2019 from 13:30 to 18:00

Seminar: Markets and corporations in the open society

On 14 February, IOS research platform ‘Markets & Corporations in Open Societies’ organises a seminar on the meaning of global markets and the open society in the 21st century. The conceptual, normative, and empirical questions concerning this theme will be discussed by speakers from different academic disciplines, as well as other professionals.

Our society is increasingly becoming an open society. One of the domains in which this manifests is global markets. International markets have seen overwhelming growth over the past few years, decreasing the value of factors such as distance, borders, and nation states.

The main language of this event is Dutch. For more information and the programme, visit our Dutch page.

Start date and time
14 February 2019 13:30
End date and time
14 February 2019 18:00