Seeds of Better Futures Festival by Utrecht University and the Social Impact Factory


On June 6th Utrecht University and the Social Impact Factory are organizing the Seeds Festival, an evening of exchange and inspiration in the SIF building where ‘seeds’, radical sustainability experiments and initiatives, will be presented by practitioners and students alike. 

Painting of ships navigaating a shore
Cover art by Enora Mercier

We are living in desperately difficult times, in which it is hard to find sources of encouragement and inspiration for making a real difference. But if we look beyond the headlines, people all around the world are working hard to create changes in material, social and political realities and realize more sustainable futures. We just have to know where to look.

What is a Seed?

  1. A way of thinking, doing, institution, technology; that
  2. Exists, at least as prototype; that is
  3. Not yet dominant/mainstream; and is
  4. Contributing to creating a sustainable future (according to someone).

For more information on the Seeds concept, see:

At the Seeds Festival seed experiments and innovations from the Utrecht region will be paired with some of the most exciting experimental sustainability work from all around the world, in a dynamic market place format. Practitioners and leaders from the Utrecht region will provide the local Seed examples. Utrecht University students are working together with policy makers and national experts from around the world and will provide the international Seed projects. The evening is co-organized by Utrecht University's Transforming Cities community.

Dr. Joost Vervoort, Associate Professor at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development will discuss how to achieve real, impactful societal transformations with the Social Impact Factory team at the start of the festival.


  • 20:00 Joost Vervoort on theories of change: seeds, emotional energy in transitions, 9 dimensions of change, and resonance.
  • 20:30 Opening of the marketplace – students, practitioners and researchers visit posters that feature radical ‘Seeds’ from all around the world, and locally from the Netherlands
  • 21:45 Plenary reflections by Joost and everyone attending
  • 22:00 Ending of official part – time for drinks and more talking!
  • 22:30 End

Last year's Seeds Festival was packed and a massive success! So if you are: 

  • Working on an innovative or experimental sustainability project or initiative, and are interested in presenting your work and connecting with others;
  • Otherwise interested in working on sustainability challenges and hoping to get inspired about what is concretely possible – meet people doing experimental work and get to know Utrecht University students who are interested in creating a better future;
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