SEE Lunch Café 2: Innovation in Sustainability Education


Join us at the upcoming SEE Lunch Café on 5 December! The Lunch Café will provide anyone who is interested in Sustainability Education and Engagement an easy way to get to know, inform and inspire each other. You don't need to be actively involved (yet).

Innovation in Sustainability Education

On 5 December, we have invited two colleagues from our community to present two innovative educational projects that have been funded by Pathways and SEE:

  • Annick De Witt (PhD), director of Worldview Journeys Foundation, has developed the Educational Worldview Journey in collaboration with Copernicus Institute. This is a transformative learning approach consisting of short but deep learning journeys that invite students to reflect on their worldviews (explore), communicate with those with other worldviews (exchange), and include nature and the planet into their worldviews (expand).
  • Lennart Stam, PhD researcher at the Utrecht School of Governance will talk about the Skills for Sustainability project he's involved in, which aims to develop and provide an innovative set of skills training for UU students with a unique focus on the characteristics of sustainability issues.
  • Lisette van Beek (PhD), postdoctoral researcher at the Urban Futures Studio will discuss the Mixed Classroom she currently coordinates, in which the classroom is being redesigned and re-imagined as a social movement.

Following the presentations, a lunch will be served, providing an opportunity for in-depth discussions regarding the future of sustainability education at Utrecht University.

Fancy a lunch and a chat, join us, we look forward to see you there!

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Academiegebouw - Belle van Zuylenzaal (Domplein 29)

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