SCORE presents: 'Nieuw Licht' in ZIMIHC Theater Wittevrouwen

SCORE consists of UU alumni and alumni of Utrecht Student Choir Dekoor. 

SCORE is more than a choir: this five-year young Utrecht vocal group consists of sixteen befriended, passionate singers. After their years with student choir Dekoor Close Harmony, they decided to start their own choir in 2019. Since then, SCORE has been exploring a wide range of musical genres and the group does so ambitiously: the members arrange themselves and the musical direction is part of the choir.

With its fifth anniversary, the group shines a light on itself: what is SCORE and what drives them? In "Nieuw Licht" SCORE sings straight into the hearts of the audience with conviction. In this concert, the group explores new territory: personally and as a group, artistically and technically. SCORE explores and solidifies its identity and sound, with individual and close mic amplification creating a beautiful sound together. At this concert, count on warm harmonies, genuine emotion, varied solos and tight harmony singing. 'New Light' takes you on a voyage of discovery of a vocal group with a unique character.

The repertoire of 'Nieuw Licht' is a mix of existing songs, own arrangements and short interludes (in which some of the singers form a trio or quartet) and covers a diverse range of styles: jazz, (Dutch) pop, folklore and barbershop.

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ZIMIHC Theater Wittevrouwen
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