Science Jam #51: Agent-based modeling for exploring transitions to a sustainable food system


Science Jam is back! Thanks to the Young Complexity Researchers Utrecht (YCRU) group, they brought these popular sessions back to the CCSS for our researchers to discuss challenges in Complex Systems Studies.  Everyone is welcome!

Therefore, we cordially invite you to the Science Jam #51 on Tuesday 5 March (12:30-13:30) at the Centre for Complex Systems Studies (CCSS) where you can:

  • Get a free gourmet lunch with the best sandwiches you can get at the Utrecht Science Park plus nice drinks;
  • Know one senior complexity researchers' work over one-hour lunch time;
  • Contribute your professional knowledge and experiences in a relaxing and informal setting;
  • Develop potential collaboration.

Leading complexity researcher: Dr. Natalie Davis, Environmental Sciences

Agent-based modeling is an approach to representing and analyzing complex systems from the perspective of actors (agents) and their interactions with each other and their environment. In this talk, I will describe the agent-based models I have designed and built for my postdoctoral research as part of the transdisciplinary NWO project ‘Transition to a Sustainable Food System.’ The first model focuses on individual consumers making dietary decisions based on economic, taste, health, and ethical considerations, as well as social influence through household, friend, and acquaintance networks. The second model focuses on farmers choosing land uses and management practices, again considering economic, environmental, and social aspects, as well as knowledge exchange. This talk will mostly focus more on the model design process and parameterization with qualitative and quantitative data. However, I will also share the preliminary results of consumer model, and our plans to use the models to explore interventions that could accelerate the transition to a sustainable, just food system in the Netherlands, while also understanding the potential trade-offs and synergies that emerge under different scenarios.

Everyone is welcome and please feel free to invite your colleagues/friends/classmates/students to join us. 

If you would like to have the lunch arrangement, please sign up before 15:00 Monday 4 March.

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Physical Meeting >> CCSS Living Room, Room 4.16, Minnaertgebouw

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