Saviour Seeds Harvest Festival


Time to save our seeds!

Danika en Cris working the farm

You are warmly invited to the upcoming Saviour Seeds Harvest Festival at Fort ‘t Hemeltje, Utrecht.
The festival is a collaboration between the Future Food hub of Utrecht University, Local2Local and Grounded local food initiatives.
This event takes place around the theme of heritage crops and animal breeds.
During the day we will learn about historical, social and ecological properties of these crops and animals and how they can help strengthen regional and resilient food systems.
Not only that, but we will also have multisensory activities so you can smell, taste and feel these special historical foods.  

You'll be welcomed at 12:00 with a delicious warm filling lunch and some creative 'forgotten veggie' snacks to taste. 
Hear all about the rich heritage of Utrecht and vegetables as well the relevance of the varieties and seeds for a resilient and healthy future. 

In the second half of the event there will be market stands with experts and enthusiasts who are excited to share what they work on and how you can get involved to help Save our Seeds and enjoy delicious treats! 

12:00 Lunch and tasting 
13:00 Presentations - Heritage Crops: past, present and future
14:00 Market stands and Operation Food Freedom
16:00 Local Dinks! 

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Fort 't Hemeltje Utrecht

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