S4S Café: Plastic Waste


We are happy to invite you to the Science for Sustainability Café which will be centered around the theme of 'Plastic Waste'. Mark your calendars for Tuesday, January 31st and join us in the Grand Café of the Vening Meineszbuilding A on the Utrecht Science Park! Register now by using the registration form. We hope to see you there!

The theme of this café is 'Plastic Waste'. During the café, we will discuss and connect different perspectives on plastic waste. Researchers from within the Faculty of Science and Geosciences will share their insights on plastic waste in the ocean, Life Cycle Analysis of plastics, recycling of plastics, and new types of plastics. After the presentations, there will be a panel discussion on these different perspectives and on how this research can lead to solutions and impact. The audience is also explicitly invited to join the discussion! We aim to integrate all perspectives visually on a board to stimulate finding new links for future research collaboration. After the discussion, there will be time to meet each other and discuss this many-sided theme with some drinks and snacks. 

We are happy to announce the speakers of the event:

Stefanie Ypma is a researcher in Physical Oceanography and one of the community managers of the Sustainable Ocean community. Her research focuses on the role of ocean circulation for climate change and solutions as well as mitigation measures for plastic pollution in the ocean. She has particular expertise in combining Lagrangian analysis with innovative methods such as network theory and machine learning. Her talk focuses on plastic waste in the ocean.

Li Shen is an Assistant Professor in the Energy & Resources group of the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development. Her research focuses on the sustainability assessment of (novel) technology developed in the context of the Circular Economy and the Bio-based Economy, the two focus areas that will provide important pathways towards sustainable material production and consumption in the future. Her talk will focus on technology assessments (LCA/MFA) of conventional plastics, plastics recycling and biobased plastics. 

Arnaud Thevenon-Kozub is an Assistant Professor in the Organic Chemistry and Catalysis research group. His research focuses on the development of novel plastics that are safe and circular by design. It englobes the rational design of novel building blocks, as well as, the redesign and transformation of persistent waste plastics into closed life cycle plastics. Arnaud's talk will focus on new types of plastics.

Ina Vollmer is a researcher in the Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis research group and is affiliated with the ARC-CBBC. Her research focuses on new ways of chemical recycling. With a catalyst and using mechanochemistry, Vollmer can lower the temperature required for the recycling process and increase product quality. This could provide interesting materials for the refining industry, reducing the use of crude oil and preventing plastic waste from ending up in the ocean or even in the human body. Ina's talk will focus on the recycling of plastics. 

Aside from the presentations, there will be a panel discussion and ample time to discuss this many-sided theme with some drinks and snacks. 

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Vening Meinesz building A, Grand Café (on the left behind the cafeteria)
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