Roundtable: On Greening Film Festivals

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Image by Samuel Regan-Asante (Unsplash)

On 13 January, an international roundtable brings together several film festival organisers and scholars to consider the future shapes and flows of film festivals in relation to the reduction of their environmental impact.

Environmental consequences of film festivals

Any event demands an investment in and exchange with its material environment. Film festivals are no different. The nascent subfield of environmental media studies aims to create new methodological and theoretical frameworks for the study of the material environmental consequences of media of all sorts. Energy sources range from, e.g., coal to nuclear to wind, yet each has a very different impact on the environment.

International roundtable

This international roundtable brings together several film festival organizers and scholars not only to compare notes on the general impact of festivals on the environment and the important initiatives that have taken place at the Locarno Film Festival (Switzerland) and San Sebastián International Film Festival (Basque Country, Spain), but also to anticipate future directions for festivals, among other types of events. around the world as the effects of climate change become more pressing and cultural policies begin to require corrective action.


The roundtable is hosted by The Creative School Catalyst, Toronto and part of the Sustainability & the Media Industries series of the research group Media Industries, Infrastructures and Institutions (MI3) and the NECS workgroup Sustainable Media. All scholars in media, communication, arts, and sustainability, students from BA- and (R)MA-programmes, and media professionals are cordially invited to attend.

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