Ripple Effects Mapping Workshop

In cooperation with IOS platform Bottom-up Initiatives for Societal Change, Dr. James Nobles gives the first methods session:


On Thursday February 8, 2024 (10:00-17:00), a Ripple Effects Mapping (REM) workshop will be given by Dr. James Nobles in Utrecht. The workshop is organized by Jantien van Berkel, Marijn Stok, Carlijn Kamphuis and Michèlle Bal (from the Department of Interdisciplinary Social Science at UU) with funding from the Utrecht University Platform ‘Bottom up Initiatives for Societal Change’.

Content of the workshop: The workshop will be a mix of plenary lectures/instructions and hands-on assignments to get yourself acquainted with REM. You can apply the assignments to an initiative of your choice.

For whom is the workshop intended: UU researchers involved in the platform ‘Bottom up initiatives for societal change’, other UU researchers, and stakeholders connected to the bottom-up initiative Collective Capital.

Location:  Zalen van Zeven, Bollenhofsestraat 138-A, Utrecht.

Costs & registration: Workshop attendance is free of costs, and lunch is included, but registration is required. Please fill in this registration form. There is a maximum of 30 participants. If necessary, we will work with a waiting list.

Language: English.

Ripple Effects Mapping is a method that can capture the wider impacts and adaptive nature of a bottom-up initiative (or other type of intervention), and therefore suitable to evaluate potential societal changes due to such an initiative. It is a qualitative, participatory method that requires the active input of stakeholders in data gathering workshops. It produces visual outputs (i.e., maps) of the activities and impacts, which are mapped along a timeline to understand the temporal dimension of societal changes. REM is thus suitable for the mapping of intended and unintended ‘ripple effects’ of bottom-up initiatives, but also the evaluation of other types of interventions or policies.

James Nobles is a Senior Research Fellow in Public Health and Obesity Research at the Department of Health, Nutrition & Environment of Leeds Beckett University, in Leeds (U.K.). Moreover, he is an internationally renowned REM-expert. He wrote several articles about REM (see and,  and has previously delivered trainings and workshops at other universities.

Please contact Jantien van Berkel (, Marijn Stok (, Carlijn Kamphuis ( or Michèlle Bal ( in case you have any questions. We are looking forward to seeing you on February 8th, 2024!


Start date and time
End date and time
Zalen van Zeven, Bollenhofsestraat 138-A, Utrecht
Entrance fee
Free, lunch included.

Registration is required. Please fill in this registration form. There is a maximum of 30 participants.