10 October 2019 from 13:00 to 15:00

Research Seminar: Mexico City Underground. Imagining the Megalopolis from Below in Latin American Literature

Mexico City © iStockphoto.com
Mexico City © iStockphoto.com

On 10 October, Dr Liesbeth François (KU Leuven) will present a paper titled Mexico City Underground: Imagining the Megalopolis from Below in Latin American Literature as part of the monthly Research Seminars for the Modern and Contemporary Literature Research Group.

Liesbeth François
Liesbeth François

The lecture focuses on the literary imagination of the underground in Mexico City. We will analyse imaginaries of subterranean spaces and their relationship to the megacity in novels, short stories and crónicas from 1985 – the year of the deadliest earthquake that has ever hit the city – until now. This way, it responds the recent call for attention towards verticality in urban studies worldwide.

Urban imaginaries in literature

François: "I take a particularly persistent and evocative space as the common ground for a transgeneric and transgenerational comparison of urban imaginaries in literature. I aim to establish a productive dialogue with the existing bibliography on the theme of the underground, and evaluate its claims from a Latin American perspective. In particular, the main hypothesis is that the works I analyze complicate the perception of the underground as the modern city’s “other”, by exploring it within a urban modernity which, in Latin America, is considered to be only partially implemented."


Start date and time
10 October 2019 13:00
End date and time
10 October 2019 15:00
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