Religious Entanglement in Post-secular Europe: Screening religions in Italy

Vaticaanstad in Rome © Beto
Vatican City in Rome © Beto

On 11 June, Dr Monica Jansen (Modern and Contemporary Literature) organises a lecture by Prof. Clodagh Brook on her monograph Screening Religions in Italy: Contemporary Italian Cinema and Television in the Public Sphere.

Religious persistence

This lecture explores how religion remains entangled in Western European culture. Taking contemporary Italian cinema as its principal focus, this talk will look both at why religion persists, and what the consequences of this persistence might be, especially on how cultural practitioners from different religious cultures can find inclusion within large cultural industries like cinema.

Religious imagery within Western European culture today

This talk explores how deeply entangled religious imagery and values still are within Western European culture today and explores what this means for those religions not considered among the founding religions of Western Europe, focusing especially on Islam.

Clodagh Brook

Clodagh Brook is Professor in Italian at Trinity College Dublin and Trinity’s Associate Vice Provost for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. She has worked extensively on both intermediality and on questions of identity and political voice, and has been exploring how minority or suppressed voices emerge in the public sphere, looking especially at the place of institutional and symbolic structures in both supporting and blocking this emergence.

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If you would like to join the event and are not a member of the research group Modern and Contemporary Literature, please register by sending an email to Kelly van der Meulen ( before June 4, so that you can be added to the meeting in Teams.