Re-shaping t/dunes: Coastal infrastructure as a sonic object

Join us for a talk session!

Eroded dunes picture by Minji Kim

‘Re-Shaping t/dunes’ aims to research acoustic communication between coastal infrastructure and the ecological environment when re-shaping dunes on the coast that have been eroded by environmental influences. In this talk session, Minji Kim (a.k.a. Unknown Kim) will address her research through ecological thinking, philosophical speculation, and sound art practices in the context of acoustic ecology and object-oriented ontology. 

Minji Kim (a.k.a. Unknown Kim)

Minji Kim (a.k.a. Unknown Kim) is a researcher and a sound artist based in The Hague (Netherlands). She is the founder of the eco-acoustic sound artist initiative Acoustic Territories and is half-part of the artist duo Qoo-Teq. Her work focuses on sound and music revealed via communication between environments and humans while exploring sounds of the Psycho-Geography. She is a graduate of ArtScience interfaculty, Royal Academy of Art&Royal Conservatoire the Hague, Master of Music(NL), and will start her PhD in Sonic Studies at Leiden University in September 2023.


13.00: Welcome and opening
Dr Rick Dolphijn (Media and Culture Studies, Utrecht University)

13.30: Lecture
Minji Kim (Royal Academy of Art & Royal Conservatoire the Hague, PhD Sonic Studies, Leiden University)

14.30: Roundtable discussion
Prof Gray Kocchar-Lindgren (University of Hong Kong)
Lucas van der Velder (director Sonic Acts Arts Organization
Dr Rick Dolphijn (Media and Culture Studies, Utrecht University)


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End date and time
Muntstraat 2 A (Kromme Nieuwegracht; Room T-005)
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Free of charge