19 February 2020 from 15:00 to 17:00

R Cafe - 19 February

Do you want to enhance your R skills, meet other R programmers or ask questions related to R? Take your laptop with you and come to the R Cafe!

During this informal meetup, we will help each other with R programming, data handling and cleaning challenges. If you don’t have an issue, you are also welcome at the R Cafe, just to work on your code, or do learning exercises we prepared for you. 

This R Cafe is also open for HU employees.

Theme: Deep Learning in R by Ayoub Bagheri (start 15:30, 45 minutes)

In this R Cafe, Ayoub Bagheri will present an introduction to deep learning in R with the Keras library. Deep learning is a subfield of machine learning: a new take on learning representations from data that puts an emphasis on learning successive of layers increasingly meaningful representations. Keras is a high-level neural networks API developed with a focus on enabling fast experimentation. In this session, we learn the basics of Keras by walking through a simple example: training a neural network to recognize handwritten digits from the MNIST dataset.

Ayoub Bagheri is a PhD candidate at the Methodology and Statistics department. Bagheri is the organizer of the Deep Learning reading group. This month, they start with reading the book Deep Learning in R by François Chollet. Send Ayoub Bagheri to subscribe to their mailing list. 

More information

Registration for the R Cafe is not necessary. If you have any questions, please contact Jonathan de Bruin, Data scientist at ITS Research Services and Data Management.

Start date and time
19 February 2020 15:00
End date and time
19 February 2020 17:00
Entrance fee
Free of charge