Programming Café - May 2023


Do you want to improve your programming skills, ask questions related to programming, or meet other researchers? Pick up your laptop and come to the Programming Café!

During this informal meet-up, we will share knowledge about programming through short presentations and also help each other with challenges in working with code and data.


Projectlog: An R package for improving project management and documentation.

This month's presentation/demo is by Stefan Vermeent (PhD Candidate, Faculty of Social & Behavioral Sciences). He's looking forward to showing us the projectlog package that he has been developing and hopefully we can give him some feedback!

Each Programming Café will have a special theme. The theme is a short presentation or demonstration of (maximum) half an hour. The presentations will be given by attendees of the Café. We are always looking for people who want to present something. Please send an email to Neha Moopen if you want to give a presentation.

After the presentation, which will take about 30 minutes, you will be free to try out exercises related to the theme or work on your own code.


More Information & Contact Person

Find out more information about the Programming Café. If you have any questions about the Programming Café, please contact Neha Moopen, Research Data Manager at Utrecht University Library. 

Start date and time
End date and time
Bucheliuszaal 6.18, University Library (Utrecht Science Park)
Entrance fee

Not required, you can just drop by when it suits you