Prince Claus Chair Inaugural Lecture of Dr. Fatima Denton


The Rector Magnificus of Utrecht University, Professor Henk Kummeling, has the pleasure of inviting you to a special ceremony in which Dr. Fatima Denton will formally accept the appointment to the Prince Claus Chair in Equity and Development 2022-2024 at Utrecht University.

Dr. Fatima Denton, Prince Claus Chair holder 2022-2024

Title: Power and powerlessness in climate diplomacy: looking beyond the surface for a just transition.

As holder of the Prince Claus Chair, Professor Fatima Denton, will explore the dynamics of power and powerlessness in climate diplomacy beyond the surface of just transitions. The capacity to produce and control fossil fuel extraction is a manifestation of power, which has shaped climate diplomacy since the Kyoto Protocol. 

The transition to a low-carbon economy presents an opportunity for countries to reorient their economies, but many lack the necessary resources and face power imbalances.  

The lecture argues for a just transition that allows new players, power structures, and interest groups to challenge the current trajectory and highlights the marginalized and powerless groups affected by climate change. 

If you wish to attend the ceremony, please register before June 26, 2023.

The Prince Claus Chair in Equity and Development was established by Utrecht University and the International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2003, and rotates annually between the two institutions. 

The aim of the chair is to boost the career of outstanding young researchers from developing countries and to stimulate knowledge sharing. The universities wish to use the chair to advance research and education in the field of equity and development in accordance with the views and insights of Prince Claus. 

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