17 December 2018 from 13:30 to 15:00

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Plan S implementation: information and discussion session

Utrecht University Library invites Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht staff and students to join us on Monday December 17th for an information and discussion session. What is currently known about Plan S and its implementation will be presented, and the meeting will provide a forum from which participants can organize their feedback.

Plan S

With the announcement of Plan S on the 4th of September, signed by NWO and funders from eleven other European countries as well as the Gates Foundation and Wellcome Trust, the Open Access discussion has gotten increasingly heated. While many support the goals of the plan - that is, full and immediate Open Access - its principles have been criticized for focusing on an APC-based gold Open Access model (where journal articles are charged upon publication), and taking away academic freedom by limiting the number of acceptable publishing venues.

Plan S vague?

Another critique on the original Plan S was its vagueness: the plan, as first published, listed ten guiding principles that left much room for interpretation. This has now changed with the implementation guidance published by the coalition behind Plan S on the 27th of November. This guidance provides more detail on the exact rules and guidelines that researchers will have to adhere to when receiving funding from Plan S signatories.The implementation is open for feedback until February 1st, 2019.

Start date and time
17 December 2018 13:30
End date and time
17 December 2018 15:00
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