17 November 2017 from 14:30 to 15:45

PhD thesis defence Suzanne Laemers on Max J. Friedländer and early Dutch painting

Portrait of a Man door Jan van Eyck (circa 1390-1441). Bron: Wikimedia Commons/National Gallery
Portrait of a Man by Jan van Eyck (circa 1390-1441). Source: Wikimedia Commons/National Gallery

The insights formulated by German- Jewish art historian have played an important role in the scientific research on early Dutch painting, Suzanne Laemers argues in her PhD thesis. She will defend her dissertation (in Dutch) on Friday 17 November in Utrecht University Hall.

Max Jakob Friedländer (Berlijn, 5 juli 1867 - Amsterdam, 11 oktober 1958)
Max Jakob Friedländer (Berlin, 5 July 1867 - Amsterdam, 11 October 1958)

Max J. Friedländer

In her dissertation Max J. Friedländer (1867-1958). Art and Connoisseurship, a Life dedicated to Early Netherlandish Painting, Laemers aims to elucidate the life and work of Max Friedländer on the basis of a number of themes, especially his connoisseurship and its meaning for the exploration of early Netherlandish painting.

Drs. Suzanne Laemers
Drs. Suzanne Laemers


Already during his career connoisseurship was judged as unscientific and consequently was therefore unfit to be called a methodology. In spite of the criticism, Friedländer stood by connoisseurship as a manner of approach by which solid academic results could be achieved. The core question of this dissertation is to what extent and in what manner Friedländer contributed to art historical questions that determined the discourse in his time and how he resisted the arguments of other protagonists.

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17 November 2017 14:30
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17 November 2017 15:45
PhD candidate
Suzanne Laemers
Max J. Friedländer (1867-1958). Kunst en kennerschap, een leven gewijd aan de vroege Nederlandse schilderkunst
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Prof. R.E. Ekkart
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