20 April 2018 from 14:30 to 15:45

PhD thesis defence Jolien Scholten on possession varieties in Dutch dialects

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The PhD thesis of Jolien Scholten (Language structure: variation and change) gives a systematic overview of various external possessor constructions in Dutch dialects in different syntactic and semantic environments.

Grammatical and geographical distribution

The study aims to account for both the grammatical and geographic distribution of three types of possession constructions on the basis of data obtained by means of written questionnaires and oral interviews with dialect speakers.


Jolien Scholten shows that 'external property constructions' frequently occur in Dutch dialects and show a separation between east and west.Scholten argues that the eastern Dutch dialects share properties with the German language.

Start date and time
20 April 2018 14:30
End date and time
20 April 2018 15:45
PhD candidate
Jolien Scholten
The ins and outs of external possession. A micro-comparative perspective
PhD supervisor(s)
Prof. N.F.M. CorverProf. J.M. van KoppenProf. J.E.C.V. Rooryck
Dr E. Schoorlemmer
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Free of charge