PhD defense Nancy Ama Myles: Communality, Individuality and Democracy

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On 28 August, Nancy Ama Myles (Philosophy) will defend her thesis Communality, Individuality and Democracy: A Defense of Personism online.

Actual human society everywhere is not constituted by atomic individuals or anthropomorphized communities but by concrete human persons each of whom is a complex embodiment of individuality and various levels of unrestricted interrelated communality all in constant dialogical interplay at various levels. 

Sense of community

Bridging the inherent gaps in self-rule – the desire to rule and the reality of being ruled all the time – requires a gradual, self-evolved, dialogical and non-coerced pursuit of a sense of community as ‘wholeness’ not ‘oneness'. For democratic self-rule in all its ramifications to be legitimate and productive, dialogue, deliberation, consensus pursuit and a genuine sense of ‘we’ must be central. 

The ruinous effects of colonialism

Therefore we need a rethinking of the current political order which indiscriminately defends the maintenance of state integrity especially for multi-national, multi-lingual and post-colonial African contexts where subjects have been compelled to belong to forged states created by the crack of the whip of the colonial ‘master’. A viable response to the ruinous effects of colonialism – a disordered confusion of the self-understanding of the African, itself translated unto already unstable and flickering unfamiliar political institutions and structures – is both a conceptual decolonization of Africa’s present and a critical return to her past.

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Online PhD-defense
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Mrs Myles, N.A.
Communality, Individuality and Democracy: A Defense of Personism
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Prof. H.H.A. van den Brink
Dr H.M. Majeed