PhD defense: Infectious Diseases Management in Asian Elephant : TB and EEHV-HD


Studies on TB and EEHV-HD diagnostic tools to monitor and control both infections, and to assess risk factors. The presence of tuberculosis caused by multiple strains of M. tuberculosis in elephant populations. The IGRA developed, has adequate sensitivity to detect relevant IFN- levels, hence combination of serological assays preferentially including IGRA will be the diagnosis, and risk factors more accurately assessment in support of management. 
Even though the present EEHV ELISA, it showed a high prevalence of EEHV, that will be a continuous threat to Asian elephants in Thailand and beyond, particularly for young calves. Behavioural observation and monitoring activities presence of EEHV could be determined by serological and molecular detection in serum and secretion samples. Ultimately a vaccine needs to be developed.

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T. Angkawanish
Infectious Diseases Management in Asian Elephant : TB and EEHV-HD
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Prof. W. Van Eden
Prof. V.P.M.G. Rutten
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