16 January 2017 from 14:30 to 15:30

PhD Defence: Veterinary care and welfare management in common marmosets

The BPRC houses a self-sustaining breeding colony of common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus) for the purpose of conducting biomedical research. Their immunological, physiological, and genetic proximity to humans make marmosets useful as model for specific human diseases. In order to ensure reliable data collection and the reproducibility of the experiments, optimal welfare procedures with respect to housing, husbandry and veterinary care need to be in place. Optimal welfare results in better experiments and in reduction of the number of animals needed.  In order to ensure all this, the in this thesis described studies were performed.

The vocalisations produced by marmosets were recorded and analysed to assess if they were suitable as welfare indicator. Moreover, the recovery period, which marmosets need after implantation of an abdominal telemetric transmitter, was determined. Additionally, we evaluated whether new housing and husbandry modifications at the BPRC, which were assumed to improve the animals’ welfare, constituted an increased veterinary risk for the marmosets. Furthermore, a detailed description and illustrations of the skeleton of the common marmoset as an anatomical guide were described. Finally, the clinical use, cardiorespiratory effects and reliability of sedatives alone and in combination with different analgesic premedication were determined.

Start date and time
16 January 2017 14:30
End date and time
16 January 2017 15:30
PhD candidate
J. Bakker
Veterinary care and welfare management in common marmosets
PhD supervisor(s)
prof.dr. R.E. Bontrop
dr. J. Langermans