PhD defence: "The value of food" savoir vivre = savoir manger

PhD defence of P.I. Lenoir - Wijnkoop


The increase in conditions like cardiovascular diseases and cancers, partly caused by eating behavior and lifestyle, threatens the sustainability of our health systems, as well as the prosperity of society and individual well-being. There is an urgent need for a decisive change in this situation. We cannot afford to continue "eating up" our health, resulting in excessive (but avoidable) reliance on limited healthcare resources – especially now that COVID puts great pressure on healthcare.

This dissertation aims to encourage collaboration between scientific researchers and volunteers from the general public, possibly in coordination with government agencies and other stakeholders. This creates opportunities to gain insight in the subjective factors that play a key role in lifestyle and daily eating habits. Such study projects, based on so-called citizen science, are rare within the food world, but offer levers for achieving stronger engagement at population level. Active participation in such projects will motivate volunteers to spontaneously bring up experiences in their immediate environment.

In the current atmosphere of mistrust in government on one hand and the readiness of many people to take uncontrolled, unsubstantiated internet information for granted, the interaction between citizen science and nutritional economic research will raise awareness of the importance of healthier daily nutrition for personal well-being. This will promote the willingness to change behaviour, which, on the long run, will not only relieve the burden on healthcare, but also benefit the socio-economic environment and the population.

Nutritional literacy will be the beginning of a healthier and socially more equitable world.

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Academiegebouw, Domplein 29
PhD candidate
P.I. Lenoir - Wijnkoop
"The value of food" savoir vivre = savoir manger
PhD supervisor(s)
prof. dr. J. Garssen
prof. dr. H.J.H.M. Claassen
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