PhD defence: Personalized Human Milk Profiling by Mass Spectrometry

PhD defence of K.A. Dingess MSc


The human milk composition is as unique as an individual’s DNA or fingerprint. To date, the majority research on the composition of human milk consists of observational population-based studies. A limitation of these studies is that they often only look at a few major human milk components at a given time. However, human milk is extremely complex consisting of thousands of different fatty acids, oligosaccharides, proteins and peptides, all changing in composition and concentration over lactation. Therefore, this population-based approach can never entirely reveal the continuously evolving dynamic nature of human milk. Even with the wealth of knowledge available there is still much that remains unknown.

This thesis focuses on the human milk proteome and entails three main themes: 1) the composition of human milk is unique to each individual and continuously changes throughout lactation; 2) human milk specific methodologies are necessary to characterize and quantify proteins and endogenous peptides to better elucidate their biological functions; 3) mass spectrometry (MS) should be considered the modern gold standard for investigating human milk proteinaceous components.

Start date and time
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Academiegebouw, Domplein 29 & online (link)
PhD candidate
K.A. Dingess MSc
Personalized Human Milk Profiling by Mass Spectrometry
PhD supervisor(s)
prof. dr. A.J.R. Heck
dr. B. Stahl