PhD defence of C. Anzivino MSc

PhD defence: On the effect of capillarity and polarity in colloidal suspensions of nanoparticles

In this thesis we deal with a series of phenomena occurring in systems composed of particles with dimensions ranging from a few nanometers up to several microns. Examples of these so-called colloidal systems are present in tremendous number in every day life: suspensions/emulsions such as milk, blood, paint, liquid crystal displays in electronic equipment, gels and lotions, polymers, biological entities such as bacteria, sperm cells, tissues, etc. The structural properties of colloidal systems can easily be altered by mechanical or thermal stress of the order of thermal fluctuations. In this sense they belong to the broad branch of physics known as soft condensed matter.

Out of the endless possibilities of colloidal systems, in this thesis we focus on colloids trapped at a fluid-fluid interface, and on colloidal liquid crystals. Concerning the first, we investigate the spontaneous organization of colloidal particles into linear aggregates when adsorbed at the interface that forms between two immiscible fluids put in contact. Concerning the second, we focus on the striking features displayed by systems of particles having a “banana-like” or bent-core shape which are typically characterized by a low energy cost for bend deformations.  

In our study we employ theoretical as well as computational methods, and connect our findings to experimental results.

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PhD candidate
C. Anzivino MSc
On the effect of capillarity and polarity in colloidal suspensions of nanoparticles
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prof. dr. M. Dijkstra
prof. dr. R.H.H.G. van Roij