PhD defence: Family ties that bind? – Promoting family and informal care in policy and regulation


In her doctoral research, Femke de Kievit has investigated the tension between the call for more family and informal care on the one hand, and the obstacles and risks involved herein on the other, from a law perspective. The focus of this study is primarily on the care of adult children for their needy parents (family care), but much information is also relevant to care within other social relationships (informal care). 

An ageing population brings societal challenges, including the human and financial sustainability of our care system. One of the solutions envisaged by the Dutch government is to focus on (more) family and informal care. This is not without its problems. The family will not always be sufficiently present or available to provide care. Care provision may also come with risks such as overburdening, adverse financial consequences or conflict in the family sphere. 

The research looked at how policy and regulations in the Netherlands in the field of family care have developed over the years, what policy and regulations look like now and what can be improved in terms of policy and regulations, partly in view of the existing risks and obstacles that occur in practice.

Innovative about this study is that it provides a good overview of all policy goals and different regulations on family care in a variety of jurisdictions (both public and private). Moreover, the analysis focuses on the extent to which public policies and regulations are consistent and on the question of what the role of the government and that of the family should be when it comes to family care.

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University Hall, Domplein 29, Utrecht (invitees) and online (via link)
PhD candidate
F.M. De Kievit
Het bevorderen van familie- en mantelzorg in beleid en regelgeving - Van je familie moet je het hebben?
PhD supervisor(s)
prof. mr. W.M. Schrama
dr. M. Jonker
dr. S.E. Heeger - Hertter