20 September 2019 from 12:45 to 13:30

PhD defence: Advances in research into salinity levels of former oceans

Global climate is changing. What are the main drivers of this change? Ocean currents have a strong influence on the climate system. Shifts in sea currents, caused by changes in temperature and salinity, therefore also play a major role in the changing climate, but how exactly?

To learn more about this, we look at the distant past. There are various tools for reconstructing the temperature, but reconstructing salt concentration of the ocean is more difficult. This dissertation shows that good records of salinity shifts are achieved by measuring the hydrogen isotope ratio of long-chain alkenones. However, we must look at which specific haptophyte has produced the alkenones, because the results are better when the alkenones come from one type of haptophyte. Overall, this thesis has taken another step towards better research methods and, ultimately, more knowledge about the effects of sea currents on our climate.

Start date and time
20 September 2019 12:45
End date and time
20 September 2019 13:30
PhD candidate
G.M. Weiss
Hydrogen isotope composition of algal chemical fossils: a tool for reconstructing paleo sea surface salinity
PhD supervisor(s)
prof.dr.ir. S. Schouten prof.dr.ir. J.S. Sinninghe Damste
dr. M.J.T. van der Meer