Pathways to Sustainability Kickstarter event - 16 March


Join us for our next Pathways to Sustainability Kickstarter event. Involvement, connection and community building are key elements of this event.

During this event interdisciplinary groups, represented by at least three disciplines, will pitch their project ideas with the goal of later applying for an Incubator Grant. The pitches are meant to enthuse others to engage with the project idea and to enrich it by adding their expertise and perspectives.

These pitching sessions are followed by ‘market-place’ rounds during which all participants of the event can stroll along the pitched ideas and informally discuss them with the pitching teams.

The Kickstarter pitch topics on 16 March are:

  • Sustainable finance – How to scale up nature positive investments?
  • Uncertainty or ally? Mapping probabilities for more effective climate change research and action
  • Growing Health, from Soil to Plate: Uncovering the Complex Relationship between Nutrient-Rich Soil, Biodiverse Crops, and Thriving Mammals
  • Generating Radical sociEtal trAnsformation Towards sustainable Deltas (GREAT Deltas)
  • Anchoring Future forests: a sustainable and trait-based land cover in lowlands
  • Developing the interface between Research, Education and Impact
  • The pain and gain of healthy and sustainable nutrition in elderly care.
  • Compounding hydroclimatic extremes: regional hotspots, cross-sectoral impacts, and sustainable adaptation strategies from a water-energy-land nexus perspective
  • Spurious Sustainably?: Investigating the role of artificial intelligence in sustainability prediction models
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Kanaal30 (Kanaalweg 30, 3526 KM Utrecht)

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