Pathways Café - 8 December


December is the month to get together in the warmth, so join us at the upcoming Pathways Café at Café Minnaert (Leuvenlaan 4) on 8 December 16:00 hrs!

The Pathways Café will provide anyone who is interested in Pathways to Sustainability an easy way to get to know, inform and inspire each other. You don't need to be actively involved (yet). This edition we invite two guests to introduce themselves.

Meet photojournalist Kadir van Lohuizen

Photojournalist Kadir Van Lohuizen is well known for his social and environmental projects on sea level rise, waste and recently ‘Food for Thought’, investigating and documenting the role of the Netherlands in the global food system. Van Lohuizen’s work centres on how our visual landscape influences our understanding of the world, with the constant aim to enhance reflection on trends and pathways for transformation. As Pathways to Sustainability we are convinced that our university has a role to play with regards to the sustainability crisis, which is amongst the biggest challenges society faces in the 21st century. We aim to combine understanding of the natural system and ecological desiderata with issues of equity and fairness to find solutions that allow us to find pathways to sustainability. Both in our own way, we hope to contribute to the transition to a just and sustainable world.
We are pleased that Kadir van Lohuizen will join us in our Pathways Café on 8 December to show some of his photos and his vision and have a conversation with us about both our aims and roles. 


UtrechtInc also presents itself. UtrechtInc is the startup incubator of Utrecht Science Park. They have helped more than 300 startups to the market, of which half come from the university. Lina Marcussen-Witkamp from UtrechtInc will tell us more about what programmes UtrechtInc has specifically for science-based startups and what the journey from research to entrepreneurship can look like. She will be joined by a science-based startup that will share his own experience. Bas Alterna is working on Space Accountants who identifies polluters of plastic waste in the ocean through past and real-time waste tracking enabled via satellite data. The information is provided to the financial world, in order to assess compliance with sustainability goals.

Besides meeting each other, there is also an Open Podium, where different kinds of groups and initiatives can pitch their ideas and observations. Would you like to collect ideas and input from researchers from different faculties, meet people who are working on emerging topics on the ground, or simply have space for an inspiring conversation, then please let us know!

See you on 8 December in Café Minnaert!

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Café Minnaert (Leuvenlaan 4)

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